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About Us

Adventure's Rest can be found in the middle of the Broken Ground

Adventure's Rest was purchased by Michele and David in 2021.   It is a magical property just outside of Cocord, NH, but also enclosed in a large forest conservancy called Broken Ground.

We fell immediately in love with the property and knew that we should share it  with many others.   

But why, you ask, did we call this place Adventure's rest?    It's a double meaning: 


As a B&B centrally located in NH, it would be an ideal place for visitors to rest after their adventures in the White Mountains or in the lakes and rivers of Northern NH. 

As a place for us to return to, we could rest and be ready for our further travels in our RV, names Adventure.

We hope you enjoy your time here.


The Broken Ground, named for its diverse physical features, is an area of land of approximately five square miles bounded by Oak Hill Rd., the Loudon town line, Interstate 393, and the Power Line. With its unique topography and natural features, it has remained undeveloped since Concord was first settled by Ebenezer Eastman in 1725 - except for farming in the 19th century.


On two occasions since 1980, large-scale developments were attempted on the easterly edge of the land. The failure of both due to poor economic conditions has allowed it to remain virtually untouched forest - other than managed timber sales. In 2013, the City Council approved the purchase of 272 acres east of the power lines between Curtisville Rd. and Portsmouth St. The existing trail system was completed in 2016 by the Concord Trails Subcommittee and friends.


The long drive up from Curtisville road provides your first glimpse of what is to come.

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